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US internet sales on Black Friday reach a record $9.8 billion

<p>Online sales in the US on Black Friday reached a record $9.8 billion, up 7.5% from the previous year.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-289914″ src=”” alt=” us internet sales on black friday reach a record 9 8 billion download 2023 11 26t1″ width=”1238″ height=”803″ title=”US internet sales on Black Friday reach a record $9.8 billion 3″ srcset=” 279w,×97.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1238px) 100vw, 1238px” /></p>
<p>Online sales of $5.3 billion came from mobile shopping, according to Adobe Analytics.</p>
<p>According to CNBC, toys, video games, and gadgets like TVs and smartwatches were the top selling categories on Black Friday.</p>
<p>Lead analyst at Adobe Digital Insights Vivek Pandya was reported as stating, “We’ve seen a very strategic consumer emerge over the past year where they’re really trying to take advantage of these marquee days, so they can maximise on discounts.”</p>
<p>Influencers and social media advertising, according to Pandya, have made it simpler for customers to spend money on their mobile devices.</p>
<p>But because of last year’s record-breaking inflation and interest rates, customers were cost-conscious and had to stick to tighter budgets.</p>
<p>Customers who opted for the flexible payment option of “Buy Now, Pay Later” accounted for $79 million of the sales, which represents a 47% increase over the previous year.</p>
<p>Adobe gathers data via the analysis of 100 million unique goods, 18 product categories, and one trillion visits to US retail websites.90[</p>
<p>Thanksgiving Day’s internet sales of $5.6 billion, up 5.5% from the previous year, were followed up on by Black Friday.</p>
<p>With the biggest prices yet to come, Adobe anticipates that spending will continue to be robust throughout the weekend and into Cyber Monday.</p>
<p>According to the research, internet buyers are expected to spend a record $12 billion on Cyber Monday in addition to around $10 billion on Saturday and Sunday.</p>
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