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Interview: Vivek Agnihotri discusses The Delhi Files, his reasons for suing Mamata Banerjee, and his thoughts on Y-category security

<p>Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who is now enjoying The Kashmir Files’ fame and is returning with a web series called The Kashmir Files Unreported, doesn’t hold back while expressing his opinions online or in other public forums. Despite the wide spectrum of responses to his film, both favorable and bad, Vivek isn’t afraid to address each charge directly. He refused to return it to the reviewers and instead sued Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, for referring to her movie as “propaganda.”<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-124840″ src=”” alt=” interview vivek agnihotri discusses the delhi files his reasons for suing mamata banerjee and his thoughts on y category security images 2023 08 12t112317.208 11zon” width=”968″ height=”644″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 968px) 100vw, 968px” title=”Interview: Vivek Agnihotri discusses The Delhi Files, his reasons for suing Mamata Banerjee, and his thoughts on Y-category security 6″></p>
<p>He cheerfully responded to a variety of inquiries from Hindustan Times interviewers, including inquiries about tweets that questioned his security cover. Excerpts:</p>
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<p>In response to Mamata Banerjee’s accusations against you, you had given her a lengthy notice. Has anything changed in that regard? Do you mean to sue her?</p>
<p>Naturally, I’ll keep battling it. You are aware that issues like defamation and similar ones need a lot of time. I believe I’m the first director to have ever taken a sitting chief minister to court. But I want to file a lawsuit against everyone of them. I didn’t sue (anonymous journalist’s name) because I didn’t care, am I right? I can’t stop because of those folks. However, the chief minister is not allowed to make such statements. She is the head of the Indian government. A constitutional position, she is. How is she able to claim that the killing of Hindus in Kashmir is propaganda? Mamata Banerjee has no right to say such. It makes me sad.</p>
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<p>Your security cover falls within the Y category. Many people on Twitter criticize you for paying for your security with public dollars.</p>
<p>What does the money that taxes are collected for these items mean? Roads, hospitals, and other projects have been funded by taxes. My right to life must be protected by the state. Not that I want security. I supposedly need security, according to the central government and intelligence services. Such a depressing statement. That someone who discusses the persecution of our own people must be granted protection is a disgrace to our society, our intelligentsia, and our people. Like when Steven Spielberg requires security to shoot a movie on the Holocaust of the Jews.</p>
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<p>Was there a situation that caused you to worry for your safety?</p>
<p>I have no feelings. Not about me, really. Yes, because of fatwas and other laws, the intelligence services take such action. They provide protection when there is a fatwa problem. They provide you with security when you are hacked, when people are attacking you from all directions, and when you are really seen as being in danger. I dislike it because it is like a jail. I am unable to take my kids out.</p>
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<p>You previously made it seem as if you couldn’t make The Delhi Files after The Kashmir Files. Has anything changed there?</p>
<p>On the day the first shutdown was implemented, Delhi Files was made public. Since 2020, we have been doing research, and now that it is finally at a point where it can be crystallized, we have begun composing the screenplay. By the end of 2024, we want to have finished filming and released the movie.</p>
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<p>When we discuss partition, the Punjabi partition and the trains that arrived loaded with dead corpses are the only things that spring to mind. Bengal, however, was the scene of the true split and the genuine inhumane cruelty. We are revealing the truth about how India was divided and how it has continued ever since in our nation.</p>
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