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Table tennis superstar thanks aviation ministry after Manika Batra’s missing luggage is found

<p>Manika Batra, an Indian table tennis champion, said on Tuesday that her lost luggage had been located and given to her. She complimented Jyotiraditya Scindia, the aviation minister, and his staff for their “prompt” response.</p>
<p>Batra misplaced her luggage, which included athletic equipment, while flying back from a competition in Peru on a KLM Airlines aircraft, and she had asked the authorities for assistance in finding it.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-120330″ src=”×429.png” alt=” eaon0nrbxcnnomzr 1691567702 11zon” width=”1483″ height=”848″ srcset=”×429.png 750w,×86.png 150w, 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 1483px) 100vw, 1483px” title=”Table tennis superstar thanks aviation ministry after Manika Batra's missing luggage is found 3″></p>
<p>“I want to thank @JM_Scindia gentleman and his staff for their quick response and assistance in getting my luggage. I got it this morning,” Batra said on X, previously known as Twitter.</p>
<p>After Batra asked the union minister for assistance on Tuesday night, his office responded, “Hello, the bag has been put into the container headed for Delhi. It is expected to arrive on the aircraft that is scheduled to land today at 1:55 AM tomorrow.</p>
<p>35th in the world According to Batra, who was flying business class on the national airline of the Netherlands, she never anticipated losing luggage that had a priority designation.</p>
<p>“What an unbelievable letdown from @KLM! My critical sporting equipment for a forthcoming competition was among the priority-tagged luggage that was misplaced on a business class trip, Batra had tweeted.</p>
<p>“Airport staff offered no ideas or explanations, and they had no clue where my suitcase was. Please, @JM_Scindia sir, assist.</p>
<p>After competing in a WTT Contender event in Lima, Batra was traveling from Lima to India via Amsterdam.</p>

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