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By all means, Australia achieved its goal, which means that the focus of the situation is the retention of the ashes: David Lloyd

<p>Former England cricketer David Lloyd thinks that despite Australia’s difficult fourth Test scenario and the game’s cancellation, the visitors deserved to keep the Ashes.</p>
<p>On day five of the fourth Ashes Test in Manchester, rain dashed England’s chances of tying the series, allowing Australia to retain the Ashes.</p>
<p>Despite all of the apparent issues with the Australian cricket squad, they had a 2-1 series lead when they arrived at Old Trafford. We must not forget that, and England was the team that had to run the whole Test, according to Lloyd on SEN 1170 Breakfast.<img decoding=”async” loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-92801″ src=”×2-11zon-750×500.png” alt=”” width=”1482″ height=”988″ srcset=”×2-11zon-750×500.png 750w,×2-11zon-1024×683.png 1024w,×2-11zon-768×512.png 768w,×2-11zon-150×100.png 150w,×2-11zon.png 1200w” sizes=”(max-width: 1482px) 100vw, 1482px” /></p>
<p>“Australia stopped the bus, loaded up the lineup with batsmen, and omitted to use a spinner. Whatever method they used, they succeeded in keeping the Ashes, and that is what matters.</p>
<p>“As you go to The Oval, both sides will be motivated to play their best and win. Australia will want to go 3-1 and say, “I told you so,” while England will want to win to make it 2-2 and declare they were the superior team.</p>
<p>“Pat Cummins would have preferred to retain the Ashes with a convincing victory, but still… Because to the weather, England was unable to cross the finish line, he claimed.</p>
<p>England scored 592 points in their first innings before being shut out, but Ben Stokes’ choice to let Jonny Bairstow attempt to chase a century has come under fire. The ninth and tenth wicket partnerships, which would have been essential in their quest to eliminate Australia and even the series, took the hosts approximately 12 overs.</p>
<p>Regarding Stokes’ omission to declare, Lloyd said, “I have no issue with that. Australia, they were really on their knees. There were arms flying everywhere, causing tremendous mayhem.</p>
<p>“It was unclear who led the team, and Cummins undoubtedly disappeared. If I were Stokes, I would have kept them there and carried out that same action. We had a dreadful day in Manchester, so you can’t forecast the weather,” added Lloyd.</p>
<p>Now, Australia will enter the decisive Test match at The Oval, which begins on Thursday, hoping to win the first Ashes series in 22 years on English soil.</p>

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