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The ChatGPT Android app will launch the following week: You Can Pre-Register Here

<p>With the formal launch scheduled for the following week, Android users may pre-register for OpenAI’s ChatGPT app on the Google Play Store right now. The iOS version of the app has been available for about two months, but it has been unclear when the Android version will be launched until lately.</p>
<p>On Twitter, OpenAI announced that pre-orders for the ChatGPT app for Android users are now open in the Google Play Store and that the software will launch next week.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-89305″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1023″ height=”766″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1023px) 100vw, 1023px” /></p>
<p>Currently, Android users may access the ChatGPT website via a browser to access the generative AI platform. However, if the iPhone app is any indicator, users may anticipate a more user-friendly UI and maybe even haptic feedback when interacting with the app’s user interface on the Android version—just as it does for iOS.</p>
<p>Additionally, apart from how menus work, the app’s UI seems to be very identical from the images posted in the Play Store description. On Android, the top-left hamburger menu has taken the position of the three-dot menu that was present on iOS.</p>
the Android device’s Google Play Store should be opened.<br />
‘ChatGPT’ may be found by searching the web or by clicking here.<br />
Click “Install.”<br />
When the program is accessible, it will be installed automatically, according to a dialog box that will show up.<br />
I’m done now! When the app becomes ready, your Android smartphone will immediately download and install it.<br />
If you would rather manually install the software when it becomes available, you can also disable the “automatic install” setting.</p>
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