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Dravid to Concentrate on ‘One Step at a Time’ in Asia Cup: “Have to Qualify for Super Fours to Play Pakistan Thrice”

<p>The Asia Cup 2023 schedule was officially released on Wednesday night after weeks of planning and deliberation, with Pakistan and Sri Lanka sharing hosting duties for the major continental cricket tournament. On September 2 in Kandy, Team India will start its captain against their bitter opponents, and it’s possible that the two teams may play twice in a month.</p>
<p>If both teams make it to the Super 4s, they will play each other according to the schedule. The top two teams from Group A, which also includes Nepal, will advance to the next round. On September 17, the tournament’s grand finale will take place in Colombo, and if India and Pakistan position first and second, respectively, in the Super 4s, they would clash there for the third time.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-85838″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1526″ height=”954″ srcset=” 640w,×94.jpeg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1526px) 100vw, 1526px” /></p>
<p>The Asia Cup 2023 matches, meanwhile, have received a tremendous amount of support from supporters around the region. In response to the news, Indian head coach Rahul Dravid stated the squad will take things one game at a time.</p>
<p>Dravid stated the team would want to concentrate on the first two games and not thinking too much about the potential outcomes during the news conference held before the team’s second Test against West Indies.</p>
<p>The schedule is available. To play Pakistan three times, you must earn a spot in the Super Fours. I don’t believe in counting my chickens too much, Dravid told reporters, so I take things one stride at a time.</p>
<p>“I am aware that Pakistan and Nepal will be our opponents in the first two games, so we must concentrate on that. To determine how far the tournament progresses, we must win those games. It would be amazing if we could play them three times. That would imply that us and, ideally, Pakistan would go to the tournament’s final.</p>
<p>We definitely want to play all the way to the championship game and win it. But in order to accomplish that, we must first take the first two steps, Dravid remarked.</p>
<p>The teams will use the ICC World Cup, which starts in India in October, as a practice event for the Asia Cup 2023. In contrast to the last competition (which was played in T20 Format), when they failed to reach the finals after losing to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Super Four, Rohit Sharma & Co. will try to create the greatest performance. The latter team won the championship and are the current champions.</p>
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