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Check Important Dates, Issue Price, GMP, Analysis, and Other Information Here for Netweb Technologies IPO; Should You Subscribe?

<p>The subscription period for Netweb Technologies’ three-day initial public offering (IPO) will begin on July 17 (Monday) and finish on July 19. The business anticipates selling its shares between Rs. 475 and Rs. 500 a share.</p>
<p>The business hopes to collect Rs 631 crore, which will come through a new equity share sale worth Rs 206 crore and a promoter selling shareholder offer-for-sale (OFS) of up to 8.5 million equity shares worth Rs 425 crore.</p>
<p>While the remaining funds would be utilized to cover long-term working capital needs and the repayment of existing debt, Netweb Technologies plans to use the proceeds from the new issuance to fulfill capital expenditure requirements totaling Rs 32.3 crore.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-80429″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1332″ height=”746″ srcset=” 300w,×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1332px) 100vw, 1332px” /></p>
<p>The QIB part is eligible for around 50% of the net offer, followed by the NII category with 15% and retail investors with 35%.</p>
<p>Who are the OFS promoters taking part in?</p>
<p>Sanjay Lodha, Navin Lodha, Vivek Lodha, Niraj Lodha, and Ashoka Bajaj Automobiles LLP are the promoters who will take part in the OFS.</p>
<p>Sanjay Lodha will sell 2.8 million shares via the OFS, while Navin, Niraj, and Vivek Lodha will each sell 1.43 million shares.</p>
<p>Largest lot:</p>
<p>Bidding is open for at least one lot of 30 equity shares and subsequent multiples. The public offering of Netweb Technologies will end after three days on July 19.</p>
<p>Referring to Netweb Technologies</p>
<p>One of the top high-end computing solutions (HCS) suppliers in India is Netweb, which has completely integrated design and production capabilities. The company’s HCS portfolio consists of business workstations, AI systems, private clouds, high-performance storage, and data center servers.</p>
<p>Key issues:</p>
<p>The business claimed in its RHP that two of the promoters or directors who make up the organization’s “management” do not have documentation proof of their educational backgrounds.<br />
The bulk of Netweb’s operational income come from certain HCS solutions. Any loss or fall in the market’s demand for these products might have a negative effect on the company’s operations, manufacturing revenue, and financial situation.<br />
Because there aren’t any other HCS solutions suppliers in the market, there aren’t any rivals for the business, which makes performance comparisons difficult. Investors may thus depend only on their own evaluation of the company’s accounting ratios to choose whether or not to participate in the offer.<br />
In the fiscal years 2023, 2022, and 2021, Netweb reported poor capacity usage. Its installed capacity utilization might be severely impacted by a decrease in real output or by an inability to consistently attain greater production.<br />
IPO GMP for Netweb Technologies</p>
<p>Shares of Netweb Technologies have had a fantastic start on the unlisted stock market before the subscription opening date. Market watchers claim that as of this past Saturday, the shares of Netweb Technologies Ltd. were offered for a premium of Rs 338 on the black market. They claim that the grey market premium for Netweb Technologies’ initial public offering (IPO) at Rs 338 suggests that the company’s estimated listing price would be about Rs 838 (500 + 338), which is an increase of 67% from the IPO price range of Rs 475 to Rs 500 per share.</p>

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