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I’m not sure yet when I’ll return: Shreyas Iyer

<p>Shreyas Iyer, a powerful hitter, was playing on a different surface on Friday night in Mumbai. Along with content designers Niharika NM and Navya Naveli Nanda, as well as Anant Goenka, vice chairman of the RPG Group’s Zensar Technologies and CEAT, he attended an event hosted by RPG Group in the basement of RPG House.</p>
<p>A panel discussion was held to debate what happiness meant to Gen-Z. The moderator was Nikhil Taneja, CEO of the youth-focused multimedia company Yuvaa.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-78331″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1267″ height=”949″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1267px) 100vw, 1267px” /></p>
<p>Iyer, 28, spoke about his back issue and how he manages pressure while sporting a stylishly boxy black t-shirt, yellow cargo trousers, earrings, and a radiant grin. He hasn’t played since April, but he just started practicing again.</p>
<p>“There are always people waiting outside, eager to snap photographs as I go back from training. And they all enquire, “When are you returning?” The Kolkata Knight Riders skipper stated, “I don’t know when I’ll come back.</p>
<p>It’s difficult to cope with injuries. They may make an athlete impatient and frustrated. Iyer claims that he has a routine for maintaining his composure.</p>
<p>“I like spending time with my family and engaging in mindfulness and meditation. The best support system you will ever have is your family, he continued.</p>
<p>Iyer, one of India’s top No. 4 hitters, discussed how friendship may help both youngsters and seniors learn from one another. Indian cricket players often keep even the tiniest facts about the locker room under wraps. Iyer did, however, reveal that Coach Rahul Dravid was always willing to talk.</p>
<p>“Rahul Dravid is always open to new ideas. Iyer laughed as she continued, “Now, this is a little TMI (Too Much Information).</p>
<p>On a serious note, he stated, “You can learn a lot by talking to elders since they too feel unique on the inside. We want to appreciate the wealth of expertise they have to offer, and the best way to do so is to speak with your elders often. Therefore, constantly show respect for your elders and make sure you get along with them.</p>
<p>Iyer noted that while young people had fresh perspectives and a fire in their bellies, elders could also learn a lot from them.</p>
<p>Iyer said that when a performance doesn’t go well, he doesn’t label it a “failure” but instead looks at what went wrong. After that is over, he loves to relax so he may temporarily forget his disappointment.</p>
<p>He said, “I simply try to understand what I did wrong. I like playing Playstation or watching football to relax. I like taking vacations when I can.</p>
<p>Iyer said that he appreciates the strain of his position in addition to accepting it.</p>
<p>“Pressure plays a crucial role in my line of work. I won’t like it if there’s no pressure,” he remarked. “I get goosebumps when I witness a packed stadium with an electric atmosphere. My favorite. I see the pressure as a chance to channel it via my drive and attention.</p>

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